The Chinese Air Force has deployed eight squadrons of Russian-built missiles in Fujian province that have the capability to hit any plane flying across Northern Taiwan.

China has installed the 200km-range S-300 PMU2 surface-to-air missiles at Longtian Base, according to Taiwan News.

The missile can easily intercept any aircraft in Northern Taiwan, including the presidential plane, from Fujian, which is only 130km from Taiwan.

China began installing the missiles in July 2007 and will complete the deployment by the end of this year.

The weapons package also include sophisticated radar equipment, such as the 64N6E2 acquisition radar and the 30N6E2 guidance radar.

The 64N6E2 acquisition radar collects data on aerial targets within a range of 300km, and the 30N6E2 guidance radar detects and tracks radar before making preparations for an attack.