Russia has unveiled its first Sukhoi T-50 stealth fighter jet, which successfully completed its maiden flight in the far east of Russia.

The jet fighter, also known as the PAK FA, is expected to enter operational service in 2015 as the country’s first new warplane since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Sukhoi spokeswoman Olga Kayukova said all the tasks set for the first flight have been successfully met, according to

“The aircraft’s stability and controllability during the flight were rated as good. All systems and the engine of the aircraft worked smoothly,” Kayukova said.

The T-50 is the first Russian fighter equipped with radar-evading stealth technology, a key component of the so-called fifth-generation jets.

The unique shape of the airframe will make the fighter less visible to radar.

It is thought the jet fighter combines supersonic cruising speed, an operational ability of more than three hours and a range of up to 5,500km and is designed to directly compete with the F-22 Raptor flown by the US Air Force, the news service said.

Sukhoi said the jet’s stealth capabilities represent a significant increase in military effectiveness as it is armed with advanced air-to-air, air-to-surface and air-to-ship missiles and two 30mm cannons.