Raytheon has successfully conducted site acceptance testing of two operational distributed ground systems at Beale Air Force Base in California for DGS-2 and Ramstein Air Base in Germany for DGS-4.

The systems are part of DCGS block 10.2, which will be a globally distributed, network-centric enterprise architecture that enables collaborative intelligence operations and production.

Block 10.2 will allow both the physical and electronic distribution of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data, processes and systems.

The site acceptance included a series of functional and performance tests and the system shared intelligence data with the DCGS processing, exploitation and dissemination system operation centre.

Raytheon’s multi-intelligence systems director Anthony DiFurio said the system was processing ISR data faster than the original requirements and showed even more robust capabilities to fight the overseas contingency operations.

The data will soon be given over to the distributed ground system experimental (DGS-X) at Langley Air Force Base.