The first combat cross-servicing programme evaluation of the year took place recently when South Korean F-5 fighters landed at US Air Force base at Osan.

The combat cross servicing programme is a mutual agreement between the US and South Korean air force that allows maintainers from both services to get hands-on experience working on each other’s aircraft.

The agreement allows South Korean Air Force aircraft to land at US Air Force bases in South Korea, while US planes can land at South Korean Air Force bases and receive maintenance increasing both services’ warfighting capability.

US 7th Air Force Combat Cross-Servicing Superintendent Master Sgt. Paul Marquez said the intent of the programme is to increase joint combat capability.

“This program gives maintainers a broader feel and a wider range of knowledge and a better appreciation for the joint mission by allowing them to work with Republic of Korea air force maintainers firsthand,” he said.

The skills exchange takes place five to eight times a month, culminating in an annual inspection.

In near future, the program will expand to include the South Korean air force’s new F-15K fighter jet.