The Royal Malaysian Air Force will shortly receive four Su-30MKM figter aircraft from Irkut Corporation, completing the order for 18 aircraft.

The fighter can track 15 targets and attack 4 targets simultaneously with its phased antenna array radar. The Su-30MKM avionics suite includes Russian-built electronic warfare (EW) system and optic-location system with the laser rangefinder supplied by Russia’s leading manufacturers.

Su-30MKM is derived from the super-manoeuvrable Su-30MKM fighter created for India with a similar airframe, engine and digital fly-by-wire system.

The MKM version’s on-board avionics suite is customised according to RMAF’s needs.

It also includes a head-up display (HUD) navigational forward-looking IR system NAVFLIR, laser designation pod (LDP Damocles) built in the West.

The integration of all the avionics systems was carried out by a team of RMAF and Irkut officials in Moscow.