Boeing has demonstrated for the first time the ability to deliver streaming video over a mobile, ad hoc tactical network from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to a Chinook helicopter and ground troops.

The demonstration conducted in Brisabane, Australia proved that the high-bandwidth connection could deliver beyond line-of-sight video thereby allowing increasing situational awareness to warfighters equipped to receive video.

Boeing Rotorcraft Systems architect and technical fellow for avionics and software, Tom DuBois said that the network was ahead of its time in many ways.

“The network’s open architecture means it can operate simultaneously with other transformational communication systems, while also supporting UAV sensor visualisation, white board, chat and network-based situational awareness displays,” DuBois said.

Vice president and general manager of Boeing Network and Space Systems Australia said that the network solution would be available from today.

“Tactically networked aircraft and ground units will be able to respond quicker due to the ability to instantly and effortlessly communicate data to and coordinate with troops on land, in aircraft or at sea,” said Parker.

By Daniel Garrun.