Boeing has received a $92m contract from the US Air Force for 4,000 lot 15 joint direct attack munition (JDAM) kits.

The contract is part of a $100m contract and is a follow-on for an $88m contract that was awarded for the first 3,500 tail kits.

The JDAM is a low-cost guidance kit that converts existing 500lb, 1,000lb and 2,000lb unguided free-fall bombs into precisely guided ‘smart’ weapons.

The JDAM’s modular design enables easy upgrade of the weapon in the field to provide additional capability, such as laser guidance and extended range.

Boeing Direct Attack Weapons director Dan Jaspering said laser JDAMs are easy to install and are an affordable option for conventional JDAM users.

“Adding the laser sensor to the conventional JDAM kit allows warfighters to attack mobile land and maritime targets with precision and reliability,” he added.