Indonesian Air Force plans for improving the country’s military force by 2025 have been restricted due to budgetary issues, says Indonesian Air Force expert staffer Marshall Parulian Simamora.

The air force had aimed to have ten fighting squadrons that include seven carrier, one VIP / VVIP, three strategic spy, six helicopter, four training, one tanker, and one PTTA squadron as well as military equipment by 2025, he added.

In 2011 the air force was allocated Rp7.4tn ($850m), of which Rp4.2tn ($482.5m) was used to improve the existing military equipment, according to TEMPO

Indonesian Air Force chief of staff Marshall Imam Sufaat felt that a strong local defence aviation industry or an airplane component industry could reduce dependency on foreign producers.

He also stressed that the air defence industry should also be supported by the aviation service, including air transportation, telecommunication services, flight safety, and maintenance.