The US Defense Logistics Agency Aviation has awarded Goodrich a follow-on retrofit production order to supply over 1,600 carbon brakes and over 1,400 boltless wheels for the US Air Force C-130 transport aircraft fleet.

Goodrich’s Aircraft Wheels & Brakes business vice-president of sales and programme management Jim Wharton said the installation of Goodrich carbon brakes and boltless wheels would improve performance of C-130 pilots and mechanics and offer maintenance savings over the current equipment.

Goodrich C-130 wheel and brake retrofit features Duracarb carbon brakes, which provide lighter weight, longer life, higher performance and lower cost of ownership compared to steel braking systems.

The boltless aircraft wheels employ a lock-ring design, which reduces maintenance time and costs, in addition to lowering the parts count compared with traditional bolted aircraft wheels.

Deliveries under the contract will commence in October 2011.