Personnel at US Air Force Aviano Air Base, Italy, have begun using the new asset marking and tracking (AMT) system being implemented at air force installations around the world.

The new AMT system will provide full-proof accountability for all air force equipment when fully integrated.

The programme forms part of the expeditionary combat support system (ECSS), which is intended to standardise logistics procedures throughout the US Air Force.

Once the end product of ECSS has gone live, it will provide US Air Force officials with a complete global logistics picture in one system.

The AMT certified part marking leader Paul Lewis said the ECSS will completely streamline all inventory processes.

“It will make things easier for everyone involved in the inventory process, from equipment custodians to supply airmen to ‘big air force’. Computers, weapons and vehicles will all be more easily accounted for,” he added.

The tracking system can also predict when maintenance will be required on the equipment.