Raytheon and Boeing have completed flight testing of the joint air-to-ground missile’s (JAGM) fixed-wing launcher and instrumented measurement vehicle (IMV) on F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet aircraft.

The IMV containing equipment that evaluates JAGM’s performance during a mission is the same size, shape and mass as an all-up JAGM round.

Boeing Advanced Weapons and Missile Systems director Carl Avila said the JAGM fixed-wing launcher is based on the BRU-33 and previous Boeing launchers which are in service today.

The JAGM includes a fully integrated tri-mode seeker that includes a semi-active laser, un-cooled imaging infrared and millimeter wave guidance.

During the tests, the JAGM launcher and IMVs were loaded on the Super Hornet’s outboard wing station.

The aircraft flew representative mission profiles that a JAGM-armed Super Hornet might experience during a combat mission.