The Nato Communications and Information (NCI) Agency has upgraded the infrastructure of its voice loop technology used in Nato’s air policing missions.

The agency has supplied new equipment to 40 locations to make the voice loop technology more resilient.

This technology enables various entities supporting the air policing mission to communicate without any delay.

These air policing missions are defensive in nature.

A team of fighter jets and crews is active round-the-clock to respond rapidly to any airspace violations and therefore requires seamless communication.

The execution of Supreme Allied Commander Europe’s air policing mission throughout the Nato area of responsibility is supported by the National Control and Reporting Centers (CRCs) and Combined Air Operations Centers.

NCI Agency Voice Loop Service delivery manager Marina Papassarantis said: “Our mission is maintaining the Alliance’s technological edge, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We had to adapt to travel restrictions and learn to work together remotely. More than ever, CRC site personnel played a critical role.

“They were the [NCI] Agency’s eyes and hands during the installations.”

The infrastructure refresh effort started in 2020 and successfully completed in the following one-year duration.

The latest upgrade was the first phase of the project to update the entire voice loop network.

In the next stage, the NCI Agency will collaborate with industry partners to upgrade the system.

NCI Agency Network Services and IT Infrastructure Local Area Network principal technician Igor Jovanovic said: “Working on a project of this size during the pandemic was challenging to say the least.

“By collaborating with other Agency elements, we managed to pull resources together and successfully achieve the hardware upgrades.”