The Nato Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) has announced that an A-330 multirole tanker transport (MRTT) aircraft performed air-to-air (AAR) refuelling training with German fighter jets.

The training event was conducted on 6 February. It was organised by AIRCOM in collaboration with European Air Transport Command (EATC) and the multinational MRTT fleet (MMF) unit.

The EATC and MMU were responsible for the planning, preparing, coordinating and facilitating of the associated AAR support for the participating assets.

The exercise involved the participation of an A-330 tanker aircraft to perform several refuelling runs with a total of eight Eurofighter aircraft, deployed for this event from the tactical air wings 31 and 71.

The participating aircraft took off from the MMU Cologne forward operating base at Germany’s Special Air Mission Wing towards a training area above the northern German region for performing the planned training aerial refuelling activities.

MMU flight commander Lieutenant Colonel N said: “Today, we provided critical training to German fighter pilots.

“The pilots of the ‘receivers’ practised refuelling tactics, techniques and procedures allowing them to apply these in real-world missions. It has also been an excellent opportunity for our own air refuelling operators to simulate this tactical environment and help keep their skills current.”

This exercise was conducted to train the participating fighter pilots and refuelling crews to undertake AAR missions in a tactical environment.

It also prepared the participating aircrews to establish coordination when performing such AAR scenarios while further ensuring the successful execution of several coalition missions, including Nato’s Deter and Defend missions, as well as enhanced Vigilance activities on the eastern flank.

Another such joint mission is the deployment of several countries’ forces and fighter jets for the surveillance of eastern member nations’ airspace.