Iran has reportedly inaugurated a new production line for the indigenously developed Kowsar fighter jet.

The start of mass production of the fighter jet follows the US’ announcement of the complete reimposition of nuclear-related sanctions on Iran.

Commenting on the beginning of the Kowsar production line, Iranian Defence Minister Amir Hatami was quoted by The Times of Israel as saying that it is ‘the very symbol of fighting the [global] arrogance and standing against the excessive demands of the imperial system, which is being led by the Great Satan, the US’.

“We have learned in the Iran-Iraq war that we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves.”

Hatami was further quoted by Al Jazeera as saying in a televised interview: “Soon, the needed number of this plane will be produced and put at the service of the air force.

“We have learned in the Iran-Iraq war that we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves. Our resources are limited and we are committed to establishing security at a minimum cost.”

The Kowsar domestic aircraft was first launched for use by the Iranian Air Force in August.

Completely built by local manufacturers, the Kowsar is said to be a fourth-generation combat aircraft equipped with advanced avionics and a multipurpose radar.

As claimed by certain military experts, the Kowsar fighters are copied from the design of an F-5 aircraft first manufactured in the US in the 1960s, reported Reuters.