Sensor solutions provider Hensoldt has opened a new laboratory building at its site in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The opening of the building was attended by Ulm mayor Gunter Czisch.

Constructed with a €20m investment, the new laboratory is expected to expand Hensoldt’s capacities to meet business growth.

Established on 3,500m² of land, the new building includes laboratories and integration areas where 100 radar and reconnaissance experts will work together.

This year, Hendsolt is planning to increase the number of apprenticeships and hire approximately 200 new employees.

Hensoldt Radar Division and Ulm site head Peter Schlote said: “Hensoldt supplies sensor solutions to Bundeswehr, but also to international customers who rely on our support in face of new threats.

“That’s why it’s enormously important that we continue to drive technology development and expand our system capacities at the same time.

“Our investment in new system solutions and development laboratories is, therefore, an indispensable part of our growth strategy.”

According to Hensoldt, the new building will support the evaluation and development of software and electronic assemblies used in the new radar of the Eurofighter aircraft and in the Kalaetron integral, a product family related to the signals intelligence field.

The technical facilities available in the building will ensure the confidentiality of related development work agreed upon with customers.

Furthermore, the building’s laboratories and test facilities will also support Hensoldt in meeting increasing demands by reducing turnaround times.

The Ulm site primarily supports the development and production of radars and electronic warfare systems.

This facility includes around 3,000 employees, of which a large number are engineers and technicians.