Cloud-native email security provider Area 1 Security has received a small business innovation research (SBIR) grant from the US Air Force (USAF).

With this funding, the company will showcase its Cloud email security solution to the USAF.

Financing for the company will be offered through the USAF’s AFWERX innovation programme.

AFWERX is a platform of solutions that aims to strengthen the USAF and its members.

Under the latest SBIR Phase I order, Area 1 Security will launch its advanced anti-phishing solutions and technology to USAF teams.

The programme seeks to develop a technical framework for future projects.

Area 1 Security CEO Patrick Sweeney said: “We believe Area 1 Security could have helped prevent these attacks.

“The initial entry points for most nation-state cyber-attacks are Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks that infiltrate the government’s trusted partners and technology providers.

“This can set off a chain of credential theft and other events that expose data and other critical assets.”

The company claims that it can prevent phishing campaigns on an average of 24 days before their launch.

Within a year, Area 1 Security said it has been successful in stopping over $0.5bn in direct losses for some of the healthcare, retail, consumer goods brands and financial services firms.

Sweeney added: “We help organisations overcome these threats by protecting them across all phishing attack vectors, email, web, social and network, and ensuring that inboxes stay clean and free of threats.

“Our technology has proven that it can prevent these attacks across many commercial and governmental customers, and it is ready to adapt to the critical requirements of the US Air Force.”