The Nato Allied Air Command has announced that more than 20 fighter planes from Finland and other allied nations have carried out a large-scale training exercise.

Conducted over the Baltic states, the exercise was undertaken by air forces from the UK, the US, Estonia, France, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany.

The exercise saw deployment of four F/A-18 Hornet aircraft to Ämari Air Base in Estonia to train together with Nato Baltic Air Policing units, including the joint British and German detachment of Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

This also marks the first time in four years that Finland has deployed its aircraft to Estonia. The last exercise performed by Finland’s military forces in Estonia was Ramstein Alloy 2019-3.

Other participants included French Air Force’s Rafale jets, the US’ F-15 aircraft, Finnish, Dutch F-35 fighter jets and Estonian L-39 combat aircraft.

UK Royal Air Force 140 Expeditionary Air Wing commander, wing commander Scott MacColl said: “This exercise trains for integration of high-end allied and partner capabilities, enhancing our ability to deliver combat air power that is greater than the sum of its parts.

“Bringing together a seven nation exercise on this scale, in such a short time frame, is testament to our agility and seamless collaboration.

“The ability to cooperate across a multination domain strengthens our collective defence and demonstrates our ability to effectively interoperate in the Baltic region, and across all Nato and future Nato territory.”

Apart from combat drills, some air-to-air refuelling tactics, techniques and procedures were also practiced during the event.

In addition, the latest training activity allowed participating allied troops to integrate joint tactical attack controllers to support the aircraft deployed for delivering live targeting information for the missions. This contributed to boost the air and land cooperation.