Airport Technologies has secured a contract to deliver new runway snow clearing equipment for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

The RCAF will use the equipment at six of its main operating bases. The airforce recently awarded two contracts for new snow clearing and deicing equipment to US-based Global Ground Support and Italian firm Fresia.

The three contracts form part of the Snow and Ice Control Capability Recapitalization project, which will replace equipment that is approximately 30 years old. The current equipment is soon set to stop operations.

All the three contracts will deliver two runway snow blowers, 27 runway snowplows, 28 towed runway sweepers, and nine aircraft de-icer trucks with an option for three more. A separate request for proposal includes three additional towed runway sweepers.

The contract for Airport Technologies is worth $24.6m while the contracts for Global Ground Support and Fresia are worth $8.1m and $8.9m respectively.

The first of the equipment is anticipated to be delivered in October 2020. It will be used at 3 Wing Bagotville and 14 Wing Greenwood.

Defence Minister Harjit S Sajjan said: “We will always provide the support and equipment that the women and men of our Canadian Armed Forces need. When the Royal Canadian Air Force is called upon for service, they respond. This investment will allow our members to safely do the challenging work we ask of them, no matter the weather.”

The RCAF’s main operating bases across the country offer air support to Canadian Armed Forces operations domestically and abroad, including search and rescue operations across Canada. It will also transport personnel and equipment across the world.

In another development, the Government of Canada is upgrading the RCAF fleet of 85 CH-146 Griffon helicopters. Following the refurbishment, the lifespan of the aircraft is expected to last until at least 2031.