ReOrbit is a Finnish provider of software-first satellites and is a Category Award Winner in 2023 in the areas of Business Expansion, in the category Satellites, and Research and Development in the categories of Satellites and Autonomous Satellites.

Finland has become an increasingly important hub for space technology, and ReOrbit solidified its position within this, among other instances, when it joined the Digital Defence Ecosystem,  a group of Finnish technology providers that fosters cooperation and the expansion of business in the defense sector, and AFDA, the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace, a cluster representing the Finnish companies operating within defence, aerospace and security

The company also secured several agreements during the research period linked to the development of new space technology. In one example the company signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) InCubed program, which will see the two parties develop the Muon product, a combination of flight software and avionics that can be installed on any satellite to improve performance. This is linked to a wider demonstration mission for the digital docking of two satellites.

In a similar project, the company also signed an agreement with AAC Clyde Space, to collaborate on streamlining data flow in space by developing a joint small satellite core avionics and flight software product. The deal will see AAC Clyde Space providing the hardware and ReOrbit the software, with the aim of simplifying customers’ supply chain and satellite integration.

Elsewhere , the company signed a deal with Argentine space technology company VENG to develop next-generation Earth Observation satellites. The company also worked with SatixFy Communications on the provision of a communication subsystem for ReOrbit´s satellite bus platform Gluon. The platform will utilize SatixFy radios to enable communication between the ReOrbit Satellites and the ground segment.

Company Profile

ReOrbit is a leading provider of software-first satellites. We transform technology and enable space applications of our current and future society where efficiency, sustainability and security are unlocked to their full potential.

Our target position of streamlining data flow in space feeds into our ambition as a company: to expand universal coverage, close the digital divide around the world and benefit the environment.

We offer ready-to-go space systems and avionics for flexible and timely missions at any orbit, which pave the way for a more sustainable, efficient and connected global society on Earth. 

“Here at ReOrbit we are challenging the ways satellites are thought of and designed, by going software first. This enables unparalleled levels of autonomy, networking and data flow optimization in space. We also believe that collaboration is key to spearheading the digital transformation in the industry, and we walk the talk by bringing in our partner network as the de-facto centre of excellence for technologies aimed at simplifying connectivity in space.

Sethu Saved Suvanam, CEO & Founder at ReOrbit

ReOrbit will continue to push the envelope and ensure we provide global critical services to cater to the needs of utmost security, connectivity and sustainability. We are thrilled to be winning the awards in such important categories, as a tribute to our continuous effort to transform technology and make a difference in the industry.”

Sethu Saved Suvanam, CEO & Founder at ReOrbit

Contact details

Helsinki HQ

Itälahdenkatu 22A

00210 Helsinki



Jana Avdeeva, Marketing Manager at ReOrbit