ANAC is now an approved coatings-supplier for the new Typhoon Eurofighter.

The multi-role combat-fighter is a delta-wing, beyond-visual-range, close air-fighter aircraft with surface-attack capability. With a maximum speed of Mach 2, it carries a formidable array of weaponry – including different mixes of missile types, depending on its role – and is characterised by its agility, especially at supersonic speeds, and the advanced computerised flight-control system.

The first twin-seat Typhoons were delivered to European air forces in 2003, with single-seaters making their debut in 2005. They will be replacing a mix of aircraft currently still in service, including the Tornado and Jaguar, in the UK, Italian, German and Spanish Air Forces.

The Eurofighter is constructed of carbon-fibre composites, glass-reinforced plastic, aluminium lithium, titanium, and aluminium casting. ANAC supplies the project with its HFA (D) conventional military-coating products, including chromated and non-chromated primers, non-slip topcoats, reflective and chemical-agent resistant products, and sign-writing paints for squadron insignia. Approval for a new fully-compliant water-based primer and chemical-agent resistant topcoat system is expected.

The four-nation project to build the aircraft is managed by Eurofighter, based in Hallbergmoos, Germany, which is wholly owned by the participating companies from each country - BAE Systems of the UK, Alenia Aeronautica of Italy, EADS Deutschland (formerly DaimlerChrysler) and EADS Spain (formerly CASA). The components are manufactured in different locations in each participating country, then transported to central locations for assembly.

Orders for the advanced aircraft are now coming in from other nations, including Austria and Saudi Arabia.