The C295 Armed ISR aircraft is the latest member of the C295 family of transport and surveillance aircraft. Image courtesy of Airbus S.A.S.
The C295 Armed ISR aircraft was on display at the 2017 Dubai Airshow. Image courtesy of Airbus S.A.S.
The C295 Armed ISR aircraft can be armed with a Roketsan L-UMTAS anti-tank missile. Image courtesy of ROKETSAN A.S.

C295 Armed ISR (Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance) is the latest variant of the C295 series of transport and surveillance aircraft.

The Armed ISR version was unveiled by Airbus Defence and Space at the 2017 Dubai Airshow held in November.

Airbus Defence and Space has entered agreements with air-to-surface weapons manufacturers, including Roketsan, Expal, Escribano and Equipaer, Rheinmetall, Nobles Worldwide and US Ordnance, clearing the path for flight-trials to qualify the weapons to be armed with the C295 Armed ISR variant.

C295 Armed ISR aircraft design and dimensions

The C295 is an advanced multi-mission aircraft based on the CN-235 transport aircraft. It integrates a simple design and robust airframe. The aircraft features a pressurised cabin and complies with the international airworthiness regulations.

The aircraft has a length of 24.45m, wingspan of 25.8m and a height of 8.6m. Its maximum take-off weight is 23,200kg.


The modern glass cockpit of the C295 is equipped with a digital avionics suite integrating four large active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCDs), which are compatible with night vision goggles (NVGs). The highly integrated avionics system (HIAS) aboard the aircraft is built around the Thales Topdeck® avionics suite.

The cockpit enhances the situational awareness and flight safety, while reducing the pilot workload for improving the mission effectiveness. The modular architecture concept further enables the integration of equipment in line with the potential growth in future.

The aircraft can be installed with a fully integrated tactical system (FITS) as a permanent or palletised configuration to conduct surveillance missions.

Weapon systems of C295 Armed ISR aircraft

The C295 Armed ISR aircraft is provided with underwing hard points for the installation of anti-surface missiles, rockets, bombs and reconnaissance/jamming pods. The aircraft can be integrated with L-UMTAS anti-tank missile, Cirit laser-guided air-to-surface missile and Teber-82 laser bomb-guidance kit supplied by Roketsan.

“The aircraft can be installed with a fully integrated tactical system (FITS) as a permanent or palletised configuration to conduct surveillance missions.”

The semi-active laser (SAL)-guided L-UMTAS has both day and night attack capability and can strike stationary and moving targets within a range of 500m and 8,000m.

The door-mounted weapon options include Rheinmetall BK 27 gas-operated automatic cannon and Escribano remotely operated weapon system (RCWS). The BK 27 has a high rate of fire of 1,700 rounds a minute.

The aircraft can also be armed with Expal CAT-70 2.75in air-to-ground rockets and MK 80 series warheads, as well as Equipaer 70mm multiple rocket launch system for launching the MK66, Hidra70, MK4, MK40 and SBAT70 rockets.

The para-troop side doors can be mounted with two 12.7mm light machine guns and associated mounts from Nobles Worldwide and US Ordnance.


The aircraft can be optionally equipped with self-protection equipment and systems such as a radar warning receiver (RWR), a missile approach warning system (MAWS), a laser warning system (LWS) and chaff/flares dispensers.

Engines of C295 Armed ISR variant

The power-plant integrates two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127G turboprop engines driving a pair of six-bladed propellers. It ensures superior manoeuvrability, hot and high performance, and low fuel consumption. The power-plant enables a maximum speed of 480km/h and a long endurance of up to 11 hours.

The C295 features short take-off and landing (STOL) capability and is equipped with a robust landing gear allowing for operations in the most rigid locations with adverse conditions for take-off and landings.

The aircraft also has a smaller operational footprint to enable operations from soft, rough and unprepared runways, as well as short airstrips with a length of less than 670m.

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