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Military Aviation Anti-Ballistic Protection Constructions

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Nationwide Structures has been providing prefabricated anti-ballistic and security structures to military forces, governments and industries since 1986.

Through alliances with trading partners we are now able to offer a complete line of vehicle barriers; ballistic rated modular security shields and fighting positions tested and certified to UL752 Level 8; bullet-resistant and blast-resistant buildings and components, tested and certified to UL, NIJ, and DOS standards; structural steel towers; and the new harsh environment AC unit.

NIJ IV Trailer Mounted Guard Booths

The standard NIJ IV US AFCENT FP AGS trailer booth was specifically designed for deployed units and is available in multiple voltages. The unit can be equipped with a diesel multi-fuel capable (JP4, JP8, Diesel 1, Diesel 2) generator factory-mounted on the hitch end of the trailer. The booth is also available without the trailer for fixed use at an entry control point, checkpoint, or for mounting on an elevated platform for perimeter security. NSI has recently introduced a new harsh environment AC unit, for roof mounting on the booth, which has been lab tested to effectively cool at temperatures reaching 130°F (54°C). The NSI3000 units are virtually maintenance free, available in multiple voltages, and designed to operate in harsh desert environments with continuous high ambient temperatures.

Security structures for military aviation bases and checkpoints

Nationwide Structures supplies a wide range of security structures for use on military aviation bases and checkpoints. These include sentry booths, mobile guardhouses and watchtowers. All structures offer an unparalleled level of protection to the personnel manning them.

Control Cab for remote military runway operations.
Nationwide Structures supplies the standard US AT/FP NIJ IV Ballistic Trailer Booth.
Nationwide Structures offers security structures for use in military aviation bases and checkpoints.
UL Level 8 MASS shield at an Overwatch Position.
NIJ IV Transparent Shields and Ballistic Weapons Stands.

Ballistic protective barriers

The modular armored security shield (MASS) is a highly advanced personal protective barrier. This system is designed to replace conventional sandbag, concrete and water-filled emplacements to provide true ballistic protection for vital assets, entry control points, and personal security for sentry and guard positions.

Modular, customizable and portable armored shield

The MASS (Modular Armored Security Shield) system allows the user to configure the system to suit their mission requirements and is easily adjustable to meet ever-changing threat conditions. The entire system is completely portable for ease of movement, installation and reconfiguration and is available in either straight or 45-degree panels. The modular security shield affords the guard protection from incoming fire while defending his position.

Clear-view military aviation weapon shields

MK93 and MK26 weapon shields reduce the peripheral view of an operator compromising their ability to assess the battlefield for multiple threats. The original shields were designed in WWII to defend against aerial attacks.
Today, however, with small-arms threats coming from land and sea, C-Through Shield™ weapon shields provide the best protection. Incorporating a transparent system that provides virtually the same type of protection, this shield allows the operator or machine gunner to have a clearer view of the battlefield.

Ballistic-rated glass or polycarbonate weapon shields

The options for ballistic-rated glass or polycarbonate include a patent-pending use of laminated camouflage that reduces glare and can be used to create one-way glass to conceal the guard from the enemy. This camouflage can be printed in virtually any color to include standard camouflage patterns or even a military unit’s logo.

Press Releases

  • Nationwide Structures Unveils Modular and Freestanding Tower

    Nationwide Structures' modular and freestanding tower is ideal for remote locations and temporary observation posts. No anchors, footings or concrete pads are required and the tower will support any booth up to 12,000lb NIJ IV. Towers are rapidly deployable, with modular components flat

  • Blast-Resistant Towers and Guardhouses

    Tower sections are provided in 10ft-increments and constructed from hot-dipped galvanized structural steel. Combined with a ballistic and blast-rated guardhouse this section provides both safety and enhanced visibility. Other options include ballistic rated weapon stands and armored shields.


  • Antonov An-188 Military Transport Aircraft

    Antonov An-188 multi-purpose military transport aircraft is a modification of An-70 medium-range transport aircraft developed by Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing company Antonov.

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