Nationwide Structures, Inc. has introduced a new kit based vehicle barrier that is compact, portable, cost effective, and retains the stopping power of permanently installed vehicle barriers.

Designed specifically for mobile security needs and rapid deployment, the kit utilizes existing on site concrete jersey barriers for ballast and all barrier components pack on a single pallet for transport by truck or aircraft.

  1. Installs in two hours using common hand tools
  2. No maintenance or operational training requirements
  3. Barrier can swing horizontally to allow access, or rise vertically
  4. Single person operation
  5. Complete instructions and tool list for installation
  6. Stops 15,000lb vehicles at 50 mph

In response to the need for vehicle barriers that can be set up quickly, require no maintenance or training to use, and can be easily relocated as threat conditions change, Nationwide Structures has developed a vehicle barrier that will meet those operational requirements and more. Already in use by the US Army in Afghanistan, they have proven to be an effective low-cost method of securing access points quickly with minimum use of manpower.

You read how the KBVB is already being met with much acclaim in theaters such as Afghanistan, by downoading our free White Paper.