NUCAP Industries, the global innovation company widely known as a producer of braking system components, recently announced the creation of a new division within its core business.

NUCAP Energy, a Toronto-based large-scale manufacturer of engineered metal surface materials for thermal and structural performance, is the fourth and newest subdivision of NUCAP Industries. NUCAP Energy applies a patented surface enhancement technology process called GRIPMetal to manufacture engineered metallic materials that significantly improve the efficiency of the heat transfer process in thermal applications.

By increasing the surface area of virtually any metal through a non-subtractive process, GRIPMetal significantly enhances the metal’s ability to transfer thermal energy without increasing the material’s weight. In composite materials, the GRIPMetal-modified surface improves the structural strength of a component, while simultaneously enhancing its thermal conductivity. Products created with GRIPMetal can therefore be lighter, smaller, and more thermally efficient.

“At NUCAP Energy, our goal is to reduce the size and weight of heat exchange devices while increasing their efficiency, in some cases by 100%, and also improving the structural strength of composite parts,” said Energy Solutions vice-president John Swift. “Our GRIPMetal material can trigger a wave of innovations in key industries: aerospace, terrestrial transportation, computing, HVAC, power generation, and renewable energy, as examples.”

In collaboration with multiple universities, NUCAP Energy’s R&D team continues to develop new, innovative applications for GRIPMetal, including cooling systems for electric vehicle batteries, cold plates for cooling electronic components, and zero-gravity heat exchangers for spacecraft. Backed by 21 years of industrial experience and equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the company aims to revolutionise heat exchange processes to ensure a more sustainable future.