The Common Anti-air Modular Missile Extended Range (CAMM-ER) is part of the newest generation of CAMM air defence missiles. Credit: MBDA.
The CAMM-ER was designed for use in ground-based air defence (GBAD) and naval-based air defence (NBAD) applications. Credit: MBDA.
The CAMM-ER's lightweight and compact design allows launch vehicles to carry multiple missiles. Credit: MBDA.
The CAMM-ER features a highly lethal warhead and an advanced fusing package. Credit: MBDA.

The Common Anti-air Modular Missile Extended Range (CAMM-ER) is a member of the latest-generation CAMM family of air defence missiles designed by MBDA, a multinational developer and manufacturer of missile systems.

CAMM-ER was developed for land and sea applications in the ground-based air defence and naval-based air defence (NBAD) domains. It serves as the core of land-based air defence for the Royal Artillery in the British Army, replacing the UK’s Rapier system with a CAMM-based weapon.

The upgraded system is set to replace the Italian Air Force’s Aspide munition in the medium advanced air defence system (MAADS) and Spada system as well as the Italian Army’s Skyguard and GRIFO air defence system.

CAMM-ER missile design and features

The CAMM-ER air defence missile has a length of 160mm, a diameter of 190mm, and a weight of 160kg. It boasts a range of more than 40km and travels at supersonic speeds.

AVIO, an aerospace company based in Italy, designed the missile’s new motor for extended range.

The missile features an active RF seeker [pulsed Doppler radar] that ensures better performance in all weather conditions, eliminating the need for specialised and expensive fire control or illumination radars.

It offers a wide target spectrum for land engagements and a high rate of fire, capable of engaging multiple simultaneous targets effectively.

CAMM-ER missile control and operations

The lightweight and compact design of CAMM-ER enables launch vehicles to carry multiple missiles, while its soft vertical launch technology decreases system weight and offers adaptable installation options.

It is engineered to stay within its launch canister, requiring no maintenance over its operational lifespan.

The CAMM-ER missile features a two-way data link between the missile and launcher, facilitating compatibility with any surveillance sensor for targeting, and has a command-and-control system standardised for all surface deployments.


CAMM-ER employs a high-lethality warhead and sophisticated fusing package, ensuring a high likelihood of neutralising a diverse range of threats.

The missile system provides ground forces with a deployable medium-range air defence system as part of the enhanced modular air defence solutions (EMADS). It can operate as a stand-alone unit or integrated within a battlespace network.

CAMM-ER missile development timeline

MBDA announced that it concluded a sequence of trials for the CAMM-ER air defence missile in November 2019, confirming its capabilities.

The trials encompassed a series of successful firings of CAMM-ER, validating the missile’s performance at extended ranges and high altitudes while executing several challenging manoeuvres.

In June 2021, MBDA concluded a CAMM-ER air defence missile firing at a moving target, validating the proficiency of the CAMM family system. The trial was held at an Italian firing range.

The CAMM-ER achieved successful qualification in 2023, marking its readiness to replace the Aspide missile in both the Spada and Skyguard systems.

In May 2024, MBDA conducted a successful qualification test for the GRIFO system, which utilises the CAMM-ER missile as its foundation.

The new MAADS that uses the CAMM-ER missile was also successfully tested by MBDA, during the same month.

CAMM-ER missile orders

In June 2021, MBDA secured its initial contract from an undisclosed international client for the Albatros NG, a NBAD system, utilising the CAMM-ER platform.

The Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation (OCCAR), a European intergovernmental organisation, awarded a systems production contract to supply short-range air-defence (SHORAD) systems for the Italian Air Force (MAADS variant) and Italian Army (GRIFO variant), both based on the CAMM-ER missile in November 2022.

In October 2023, MBDA signed the first contract amendment with OCCAR for the supply of additional systems

A second contract amendment was signed in April 2024 to enhance the technical capabilities of the two Italian air defence systems based on CAMM-ER.

MBDA signed a £4bn ($4.95bn) sub-contract with Polish defence company PGZ in November 2023 to supply an improved ground-based air defence system to the Polish forces. The system can launch missiles to tackle air threats, such as cruise missiles and fighter jets, at ranges beyond 40km.

MBDA will produce more than 1,000 CAMM-ER missiles and 100 iLaunchers under the contract.