RTX, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, has clinched a $344.6m contract modification to bolster production of StormBreaker munitions. 

The deal, encompassing all up rounds, containers, and trainers, extends Raytheon’s influence in precision weaponry on an international scale.

Raytheon will start production of StormBreaker (SDBII, GBU-53/B) Production Lot 10 following the awarding of the contract by the US Defense Department. The modification builds upon a previously awarded contract and is set to enhance the production capacity of these precision munitions.

The work is slated to be carried out in Tucson, Arizona, with an anticipated completion date of August 30, 2028.

What makes this contract modification particularly noteworthy is its international dimension. Raytheon’s StormBreaker munitions are slated for deployment through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) to strategic allies, including Norway, Germany, Italy, and Finland. This move shows these nations’ trust in Raytheon’s technology and its capacity to provide precision munitions.

RTX has achieved various StormBreaker milestones as it has completed guided releases of the precision munition from an F/A-18E/F Super Hornet for the US Navy, the F-15E aircraft, and an F-35B Lightning II aircraft. 

The funding breakdown reveals a strategic allocation: $101.4m from fiscal 2023 Air Force procurement missile funds, $183.1m from fiscal 2024 Air Force procurement missile funds, $58m from fiscal 2024 Navy procurement weapons funds, and $2.1m in foreign military sales funding. These financial allocations highlight the multi-service utility and international collaboration embedded in this contract modification.

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, based at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, has awarded the contract, solidifying the collaborative efforts between Raytheon and key defence entities.

Designed for the US Air Force (USAF) to enhance capabilities in adverse weather, StormBreaker’s tri-mode seeker can detect targets through dust and debris, offering clear imaging to pilots. With a range of over 45 miles, the smart weapon ensures safer engagements, reduced flying times, and cost savings. 

In March 2023, RTX secured a $320m contract to produce and deliver 1,500 StormBreaker smart weapon systems for the USAF. 

StormBreaker munitions, used for their precision and versatility, play a role in modern warfare strategies. As Raytheon expands its production capabilities and engages in international partnerships, it reinforces its standing as a global defence technology player.