The Indonesian Air Force has reportedly set up a cyber unit to foresee potential cyberwarfare threats in the future.

The Jakarta Post reported that the unit was inaugurated by Indonesian Air Force chief of staff Air Chief Marshal Fadjar Prasetyo on 16 September.

It was established under the security and encryption unit of the airforce. The new cyber unit is part of the service’s efforts to promote increased awareness and security in combating cyberattacks.

The unit at the airforce will oversee prevention and response to cyberattacks against the infrastructure of the air force.

In 2017, the Indonesian Military founded a unit to enhance its cyber defence capability. It was responsible for safeguarding and securing data, information, resources of the military from theft.

In a statement, Fadjar was reported by the publication as saying: “The increasingly unpredictable forms and threats of warfare are a challenge for the militaries around the world, including the Indonesian Air Force.

“We hope the cyber unit can address the problem.”

In January, Italian defence group Leonardo provided a RAT 31DL/M air-defence radar system for the Indonesian Air Force.

Last year, the Indonesian Ministry of Defence and PT Dirgantara Indonesia entered an agreement for the delivery of eight additional H225M multirole helicopters.

In 2018, Indonesia finalised a $1.14bn deal with Russia for 11 Sukhoi Su-35S multi-role fighter jets.