Turkiye’s defence sector received a boost as Baykar successfully conducts the inaugural firing test of the KEMANKEŞ 2 mini cruise missile.

With an operational range exceeding 200km and an AI-supported optical guidance system, the KEMANKEŞ 2 can neutralise high-priority enemy targets in adverse weather conditions. The integration of anti-jamming technology ensures uninterrupted operation.

The KEMANKEŞ 2 has an AI-supported autopilot system, which allows it to autonomously navigate and engage targets with accuracy. This level of autonomy enhances the missile’s effectiveness and minimises the risk to personnel.

Turkiye aims to bolster its domestic defence industry.

Despite economic challenges, Turkish defence exports surpassed $4bn in 2022, showcasing the importance of developing indigenous defence capabilities. Successes like the TB2 Bayraktar drone demonstrate the country’s emergence as a competitor in the UAV market. 

Baykar’s commitment to self-reliance has positioned the company as a global player in the defence market. With a track record of exporting UAVs and now cruise missiles, Baykar has solidified its reputation as an indigenous defence technology development.

Within the last year, Romania awarded Baykar a $321m contract for TB2 combat drones. Meanwhile, Baykar secured a record-breaking deal with Saudi Arabia for the Akinci combat drone. Additionally, Baykar began constructing a factory near Kyiv, Ukraine, to manufacture TB2 or TB3 drone models. 

Azerbaijan unveiled facilities for its Akinci drone programme. Finally, Baykar tested new munitions on the Akinci drone and agreed to provide TB2 platforms to the Maldives, further expanding its presence in the global UAV market.

The successful development and testing of the KEMANKEŞ 2 further show Baykar’s role within the global defence arena. The company accounts for a significant portion of Turkiye’s defence exports. With export agreements already in place with numerous countries, Baykar is poised to continue its ascent as a player in the international defence market.