Drone manufacturer Baykar, has signed the largest defence deal in Turkish history with Saudi Arabia, entailing the advanced combat drone supply, Akinci, to the Saudi army, accompanied by technical, logistical, and educational support.

The deal also paves the way for technology transfer and joint production, fostering stronger ties between the two nations and contributing to regional and global peace.

Mr Haluk Bayraktar, the General Manager of Baykar, took to social media to announce the deal. In his tweet on Tuesday, he revealed that Baykar and the Saudi Defense Ministry agreed to procure Baykar’s advanced combat drone, Akinci.

Akinci, a drone equipped with dual artificial intelligence avionics. The drone can carry various payloads and perform missions comparable to fighter jets.

Its features include electronic support systems, dual satellite communication systems, air-to-air radar, collision avoidance radar, and synthetic aperture radar, making it suitable for air-to-ground and air-to-air attack missions.

The signing ceremony occurred between Mr Bayraktar and His Excellency Halid Bin Huseyin El Bayari, the Deputy Saudi Defense Minister.

Furthermore, the cooperation between Turkey and Saudi Arabia extends beyond delivering Akinci drones. The two countries have agreed to collaborate on future technology transfer and joint production.

Akinci has already earned recognition on the international stage, having entered the inventory of four NATO member countries and two EU member countries. Last year, the Pakistan Air Force completed training on Turkish Baykar Akinci attack drones.

According to GlobalData’s “Turkey Defence Market 2023-2028” report, the Turkish firm Baykar has succeeded in using its TB2 Bayraktar in Ukraine. Turkey’s offerings to the UAV market are emerging as challengers to the existing players in the market.

The agreement between Baykar and Saudi Arabia was part of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to the kingdom. During the visit, the two countries signed deals encompassing various sectors, including investment, energy, communications, and the defence industry.

As the partnership between Baykar and Saudi Arabia continues to evolve, it is expected to usher in new opportunities for growth and cooperation, benefiting both nations.