Elbit Systems, an Israeli player in defence technology, has revealed a new unmanned aerial system (UAS) with the introduction of the Hermes 650 Spark. 

With its features and multi-mission capabilities, the Hermes 650 Spark is poised to contribute to modern battlefield strategies.

This UAS aims to revolutionise tactical operations across air, land, and sea domains, and its emergence signifies a shift towards more agile, versatile, and cost-effective defence solutions. Adaptability and efficiency are paramount in evolving threats and dynamic battlefields.

With its autonomous operation, wide flight envelope, high payload capacity, and NATO STANAG 4671 compliance, the Hermes 650 Spark offers flexibility and mission adaptability. However, some value lies in its ability to address the diverse challenges of modern defence forces. From reconnaissance and surveillance to intelligence gathering and homeland security, the Hermes 650 Spark emerges as a versatile asset.

Elbit Systems is projected to generate a revenue of $1.5bn from the Middle Eastern military UAV market, owing to the procurement of Hermes 900 by the Israeli Air Force, according to GlobalData’s global military unmanned aerial vehicles market intelligence

Yoram Shmuely, general manager of Elbit Systems Aerospace, expressed confidence in the Hermes 650 Spark’s capabilities, “The launch of our Hermes 650 Spark marks an important milestone for Elbit Systems. This cutting-edge UAS, built on decades of market leadership, underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and providing exceptional capabilities to our global partners. 

I am confident that this new addition to our diverse and innovative aerospace defence portfolio will further solidify our commitment to advancing defence technology, ensuring security, and meeting the dynamic needs of the modern battlefield.”

Despite the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli defence exports remain stable in primary markets like India, Azerbaijan, and the Philippines, which collectively account for 68% of Israel’s defence exports. However, a prolonged conflict could impact Israel’s prospects in the Middle East and Latin America, potentially leading to lost market opportunities and strained diplomatic relations with countries critical of Israeli actions.

Elbit Systems has signed contracts in Canada, Brazil, and Thailand for its Hermes unmanned aerial systems (UAS) series. Elbit secured a C$36.16m ($26.7m) contract in Canada to supply Transport Canada with the Hermes 900 StarLiner RPAS. Meanwhile, Brazil’s follow-on contract will see Elbit delivering additional Hermes 900 UASs to the Brazilian Air Force. The Royal Thai Navy also signed a deal worth approximately $107.67m with Elbit Systems to procure Hermes 900 UAS. 

With its ability to integrate into existing defence infrastructure and its intention to enhance operational effectiveness, the Hermes 650 Spark is hoped to mirror some of the success and global traction its predecessor had.