A Canadian business jet manufacturer, Bombardier, and defence contractor General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada, have formed a strategic collaboration known as the Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft Team (CMMA). 

Together, they aim to provide Canada with a multi-mission aircraft that combines Bombardier‘s renowned Global 6500 aircraft with General Dynamics’ advanced mission system technology and sensors. 

This collaboration positions Canada at the forefront of next-generation multi-mission and anti-submarine warfare capabilities as an operator and an allied exporter.

Bombardier Defense and General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada are jointly calling on the Government of Canada to initiate a competitive, fair, and transparent procurement process to promote Canadian innovation and stimulate the country’s aerospace ecosystem. 

At the heart of the CMMA solution lies the Global 6500 aircraft. With its next-generation engines, long range, high endurance, and exceptional reliability, the Global 6500 perfectly fits the CMMA’s requirements. Additionally, the aircraft boasts improved fuel efficiency, as evidenced by its recently published Environmental Product Declaration. 

“This is a generational opportunity for a Canadian company to leverage its made-In-Canada Global 6500 aircraft, renowned for their outstanding performance and customized mission enhancers for each client,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice-President Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense. 

The Global family of aircraft has already proven its versatility globally, being selected for over ten different mission types due to its ability to operate in all weather conditions, carry full mission payloads, and offer a winning combination of speed, range, and endurance. Furthermore, its 24/7 worldwide support infrastructure ensures uninterrupted service and maintenance.

General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada will provide the integrated mission systems for the CMMA, drawing on its expertise in submarine hunting technology and its successful track record of delivering anti-submarine warfare and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities to militaries worldwide.

It was initially thought that Canada was considering a P-8A Poseidon purchase from Boeing worth around $6bn, according to a GlobalData analyst briefing: “The country is currently considering the purchase of 14 units of P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft from Boeing to replace its ageing 14 units of CP-140 naval aircraft.

“The CP-140 maritime patrol aircraft have served Canada for over 40 years, exceeding their expected service life since their introduction in 1980. While Bombardier’s Global 6500 series business jet is also rumoured to be in contention for the CMMA program, the P-8A Poseidon offers greater interoperability with allies such as Australia, the UK, and the US, as well as other NATO members.”

The design of the mission systems is based on Canada’s investment in the modernised CP140 Block IV and CH-148 Cyclone platforms, ensuring seamless integration and low-risk implementation of modernized sensors and systems. This approach guarantees continued operational relevance, allowing the aircraft to adapt to Canada’s evolving needs well into the mid-century.

Through this ongoing modernisation effort, combined with the previous Aurora Structural Life Extension Project (ASLEP), the CP140 Aurora aircraft will remain at the forefront of anti-submarine warfare capabilities and extend its operational life well into the 2030s.