FalconWorks, the combat air research facility under BAE Systems, is marking achievements two months after its inception. 

This division has forged partnerships, most notably with sustainable aircraft technology developers Hybrid Air Vehicles and QinetiQ, and has engaged UAVTEK Limited to explore UAS technologies. FalconWorks’ recent milestone, the stratospheric flight of PHASA-35 (High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite UAS), has opened new horizons in stratospheric operations. 

Launched in response to the ever-changing global threat landscape, FalconWorks supports major air programs like Typhoon and Tempest and collaborates with SMEs and academia to drive the rapid conceptualization of products and services. 

Dave Holmes, Managing Director of FalconWorks, emphasizes the division’s mission to keep military customers ahead in an unpredictable defence environment through innovative technology development. “Defending our freedom is becoming ever more unpredictable – the only constant is change. 

The creation of FalconWorks is a reflection of the changing environment, and our goal to ensure innovative technology development is at the core of everything we do.” 

FalconWorks’ agreement with QinetiQ is set to explore a family of UAS managed by an autonomous mission management system, enhancing interoperability with existing and future crewed and uncrewed systems, thereby amplifying combat air power for militaries. 

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hybrid Air Vehicles focuses on the potential defence and security applications of the ultra-low emissions aircraft Airlander, with its extended airborne capabilities for computing, communications, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.

Additionally, BAE Systems’ collaboration with UAVTEK is geared towards maximizing micro UAS capabilities, particularly the nano Bug UAS, and exploring their potential applications in defence and security. 

As a key player in the UK’s sovereign combat air capability, BAE Systems leverages FalconWorks to explore opportunities in the UK and international air sector markets, ensuring that technology remains at the core of its mission in an ever-evolving defence landscape.