Virtual Reality Media is a private company that specialises in the design, development and production of state-of-the-art simulators as well as training systems.

Our core company products include:

  • Military simulators and training systems: fixed (Mig-29, Su-22/25/27, L-39, G222) and rotary wing aircraft (Mi-8/17/171, Mi-24/35, Black Hawk, Cobra), ground vehicles (T-72, BMP-1/2) and anti-aircraft missiles systems simulators
  • Civil simulators: business jets simulators for Cessna CJ1, CJ2+, Mustang, C173 levels C FFS, FTD, FNPT II; and small single engine aircraft
  • Subsystems: motion platforms, vibrating seats, software modules and applications, 3D modelling, terrain databases as well as other services

Advanced simulation training programmes

Virtual Reality Media simulators are used for training students, standard transition training, specific scenario training programmes; VRM also use normal, abnormal and emergency procedures as they apply to the operation of the aircraft and in theatre. We have included all of the described training options into our Mi simulator product line, which includes the cockpit procedures trainer (CPT), the full flight training device (FTD) and the full flight simulator (FFS).

Helicopter training schools are new to incorporate advanced simulation into their training programmes. The use of advanced simulators has assisted in expanding their programs to include dangerous manoeuvres; and the use of new techniques to include the use of buckets for fire fighting, as well as heavy lift procedures.

Mi-171 full flight / full mission simulator.
Mi17 flight training device.
Mi17 cockpit procedures trainer.

There are other programmes and procedures that are being developed in cooperation with civilian and military customers. These will be announced when they are incorporated into various training scenarios. The US Department of Defense (DoD) is one of the leaders in developing and incorporating the use of the Mi simulator into their programmes and Nato is not far behind them.

Full flight / full mission simulators for the military industry

Virtual Reality Media’s Mi-171 full flight / full mission simulator provides all the equipment and software support necessary for ground and flight operations training. The simulation of onboard weapons systems also allows the user to train effectively for tactical combat missions. It allows for excellent flexibility in training of normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures. It also helps the user practice flight manoeuvres for initial and recurrent training as well as rating certification.

A six degree of freedom (six DoF) motion platform, realistic control loading system (CLS) and vibrating seats create a realistic training experience. Control feel and forces, as well as displacement characteristics, correspond to that of a real helicopter. The Mi-171 can create an accurate simulation of an aircraft including the acceleration and deceleration, rate of climb or decent, engine speed (RPM), maximum or minimum speed, longitudinal or lateral trim as well as longitudinal or lateral effectiveness.

Flight training devices

The Mi17 is a full flight training device that provides accurate training simulation for emergency procedures and flight manoeuvres. The realistic CLS and vibrating seats create a real, immersive cockpit environment.

Control feel and forces, as well as displacement characteristics, correspond to that of a real helicopter. Our simulators have a dome-mounted visual system that produces daylight, twilight, in addition to night time scenes for accurate training simulation.

The system has a 180° horizontal and 60° vertical field of view, delivered by a six-channel projection system. The instructor operating station (IOS) allows the instructor to create various flight conditions, missions and scenarios as well as total control of simulator functions.

Cockpit procedures trainer for pilots

The Mi17 cockpit procedures trainer (Mi17 CPT) is a comprehensive, yet sophisticated, simulation package, derived from our full flight Mi17 simulator model. The simulated outputs and flight characteristics respond to the ones in real Mi-17. The CPT uses three PC computers, mounted under the pedestal floor.

The Mi17 CPT is generally used for introducing qualified pilots to a new piece of equipment. There are three versions of the Mi-17 CPT available for training organisations. A pilot transitioning to the Mi17 could use this device to familiarise themselves with the cockpit layout, the systems and the switches, as well as the gauges associated with the systems.