Precision Flight Controls is a world-leader in the development of state-of-the-art flight training devices for the defence industry.

Since being founded in 1990, the company has specialised in producing affordable high-fidelity flight simulation systems, avionics, and accessories.

Simulators developed by Precision Flight Controls are designed to represent a range of general aviation and commercial aircraft, as well as popular technologically advanced aircraft and G1000 trainers.

Cutting-edge aircraft simulators for the defence industry

The Beechcraft B200 Super King Air, the Cessna 208A & B Caravan, and the Kodiak have been developed over two years, with several early versions already fielded and being used for advanced training.

Precision Flight Controls’ customer base for these simulators includes NASA, USAF, and the US Forest Service. The company has completed manufacturing and support set-up and established production line procedures.

The simulators are the functional equivalent of and have capabilities and appearance similar to Level C & D Full Flight Simulators, which are significantly more expensive.

Realistic flight simulation for military training exercises

The enhanced realism features engineered into these simulators push their flight dynamics and flight deck characteristics so that they are nearly indistinguishable from flying the aircraft they represent.

Aircraft specific flight deck configuration, dynamic control loading, and 6 or 3 DOF Motion, are featured in the simulation. When combined with Form-Fit-Function Avionics emulating G1000, this provides a razor’s edge adaptation of engineering and technology at a highly affordable price.

The B200, our Flagship Simulator, is a precise emulation of the Raytheon/Beechcraft B200 Super King Air, featuring the PFC 1000 Navigation System that emulates the G1000 system. The flight deck layout is the functional equivalent of the B200 Aircraft, with flight and engine controls, switches, and circuit breaker panels and fuel system controls matching the aircraft in terms of positioning and function, look and feel.

The Caravan and Kodiak are aircraft specific emulations of the Cessna C208A and C208B and Kodiak utility aircraft, each featuring a PFC 1000 Navigation System that replicates the G1000 Navigation System, and a flight control and switch and avionics layout that is the functional equivalent of the aircraft.

These simulators are currently FAA certified as an AATD, and are preparing to be certified at FTD level. Each provides a training platform with features closely matching the look, feel, and function of a level C or D Full Flight Simulator at a small fraction of the cost.

Overview of Precision Flight Controls simulators

B200: The expanded capability designed into the PFC B200 AATD enables initial, recurrent and specialised training that rivals that conducted in a Full Flight Simulator. For example, licensed multi-engine initial experience pilots can train and be equally well prepared for transitioning into the aircraft as when training in a level D simulator.

C208A/B and KODIAK: Among the many exceptional features of the Caravan and KODIAK Simulator is the ability to learn and perform normal, abnormal and emergency procedures precisely as prescribed by the manufacturers procedures. For pilots new to the Turboprop powerplant, this simulator provides risk-free Turboprop transition in terms of not damaging an expensive engine during the training.

Motion Capability: These simulators are designed to be equipped with both 3 DOF and 6 DOF motion systems that que realism on a very high level. Both systems are all-electric, technologically advanced motion systems, which, depending on your training requirements, will enable the creation of motion that meets your needs.

Control Loading: Our newest simulators are equipped with dynamic control loading in all three controls, rudder, elevator and aileron. This feature adds significantly to stability and realism. The experience you come away with is duplicated only by a more expensive simulator.

Visual System: An immersive 5 channel 4k internal 200° x 45° visual system, which provides detailed scenery and customisable weather conditions worldwide. Fly VMC to IMC or adjust the weather to your preference.