Electro-Optical Imaging Inc (E-O Imaging) is a leading designer and supplier of real-time, high-speed automatic video trackers and integrated tracking solutions for airforce, tactical, test range, UAS, surveillance, and drone countermeasure systems.

The company has developed innovative solutions to solve the most complex requirements, incorporating custom-built video interfaces, user-programmable high-resolution graphics, trajectory and target simulators, as well as weapon scoring systems. E-O Imaging also provides real-time image processing, TSPI data acquisition and solutions, in addition to remote designate and slaving capability.

Customisable video trackers for tactical and surveillance facilities

E-O Imaging produces a diverse line of standard video trackers that can be modified to suit a variety of airforce, test ranges, tactical operations, surveillance, and drone countermeasures.

The field-tested trackers allow customers to use their own systems with the product’s field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and digital signal processor (DSP) configuration. The trackers then operate in real-time without the need for external hardware.

The Series 8000 standalone small form factor trackers were developed for the UAS and surveillance applications.
The 7015 VMEbus conduction-cooled video tracker is designed to meet the demanding operational requirements of weapon systems and other ruggedised environments.
The 7410 PCIe simulator is a flexible and easily configured tool for simulating video tracker functions to match mission scenarios.
The 7010 PCIe automatic video tracker supports four analogue NTSC or PAL inputs, with cards available to support 3G-SDI, camera link (CL), and DVI-D systems.
The 7005-CL VMEbus supports four PAL or NTSC video inputs, one CL input, and eight serial ports.
The 7005-HD VMEbus features gigabit ethernet, enhanced graphics, and multi-target detection advanced intrusion detection.
The Integrated EW Antenna System (IAS) is self-contained and can be adapted for operation in fixed-site, mobile or naval environments.
The Reconfigurable Tracking System supports both electronic warfare and E-O signature analysis, incorporating automatic, manual, as well as designate operational modes.
The Large Tracking Mount (LTM) is used in the test and evaluation of sensor and countermeasure systems.
E-O Imaging’s Mobile Tracking System (MTS) is easily modified to meet user specifications.

The video trackers connect with a variety of standards, including RS-170, NTSC, PAL, and CCIR.

They also interface with the latest digital sensor technology such as camera link (base, medium, full), HD-SDI at 720p / 1,080i / 1,080p, as well as other unique, high-frame rate sensor standards.

In addition to the VMEbus and PCI Express, the trackers connect through 10Gb / 100Gb / 1,000Gb ethernet and/or RS-232 / 422 ports for command / control and communications when used in non-bus applications.

All of E-O Imaging’s tracker products come with a separate input power connector, allowing the tracker to operate independently from the bus.

E-O Imaging’s trackers are the main component of many system-level applications where they function primarily as the system controller. Functions include camera / lens control, lens zoom to range, lens slaving, target and trajectory simulation, mount configuration and control, data logging, as well as system diagnostics.

High-performance centroid and correlation trackers for airforce and drone countermeasure applications

E-O Imaging’s Series 7000 video trackers use cutting-edge technology, offering improved performance and functionality compared with the earlier Series 6000 family of products.

The series features gigabit ethernet, camera link (base, medium, full) capability, 3G-SDI, 5×5 image processing kernel, multi-target detection, as well as sophisticated intrusion detections and coast algorithms.

Trackers are HD video compatible and include the ability to interact with 2k x 2k sensors, dual 2k x 2k graphic overlay planes and multiple sprites, allowing user generation of custom graphics.

The Series 7000 comprises the following models of edge / centroid / correlation trackers:

  • Model 7005 / 7006-CL or HD VMEbus*
  • Model 7007 / 7008 PCI*
  • Model 7010 / 7011 PCI-Express*
  • Model 7015 conduction-cooled ruggedised VMEbus is ATR compatible (no front edge connectors)

*Designates tracker is available with either 3D-SGI or camera link (base, medium, full) interface

The series also includes the 7014 PCI-Express Video Tracker Simulator, which is easily adapted to training systems such as manned and unmanned flight simulators. The board accepts standard DVI-D video inputs generated by the host computer or external image / scene generator and output DVI-D video for user view.

Cost-efficient, small form factor trackers for surveillance and UAVs

E-O Imaging produces cost-effective, small form factor (SFF) trackers that provide the same high level of performance and functionality as the 7000 Series.

The Series 8000 standalone trackers come in a minimised form factor, measuring 11.43cm x 12.7cm, and require a single unregulated 6VDC-28VDC.

The Series 8000 trackers are available in three models:

  • Model 8100 – connects with two analogue PAL, CCIR, RS-170 or NTSC video sources
  • Model 8200 – integrates with one analogue video source and one HD video source (720p / 1,080i / 1,080p)
  • Model 8210 – connects with two HD video sources (720p / 1080i / 1080p)

The Series 8000 trackers are used where size, power and cost are essential such as in surveillance applications and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Next-generation video trackers with cutting-edge FPGA and DSP technology

As part of its continued development of trackers, E-O Imaging has developed the 8800 Series. This next generation of video tracker products incorporates the latest in FPGA and DSP technology and enhances the tracker’s overall capability for air defence, test range, tactical, surveillance, and drone countermeasure systems.

The Series 8800 video trackers incorporate state-of-the-art technology, including a quad-core DSP, FPGA, dual gigabit ethernet ports, and a high-speed serial port up to 460Kb. They also feature colour graphics, four user-selectable analogue / digital inputs, and four video outputs.

The next-generation trackers have video-over-ethernet and video compression capabilities.

System production and tracking solutions for defence requirements

E-O Imaging’s video trackers can be customised to suit an extensive range of applications such as time, space and position information (TSPI), command, control and communications, as well as data acquisition and mensuration solutions.

The company’s optical / video and radar-based TSPI computer control solutions are used in orbital, ballistic re-entry and in-air target systems.

Its communications solutions can be used for TSPI and range parametric information dissemination. They can also be incorporated in parametric / graphic processing and display facilities.

E-O Imaging provides expert advice on the collection of parametric and discrete real-time information through data acquisition and mensuration systems.

The company offers specialised services that help determine what the customer needs in terms of capacity, performance, accuracy, pre/post calibration and processing / reduction.

E-O Imaging is able to replace or upgrade OCTEC or GE Fanuc video trackers.

To discuss how the company can help in providing a low-cost, innovative solution for your tracking needs through its board level and turnkey systems, please use the enquiry form.