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Asif Lighting Equipment

Military Aviation Lighting Equipment and Services

PO Box 7637,
United Arab Emirates

Asif Lighting Equipment provides military aviation lighting equipment, commissioning and testing. Its workforce is made up of highly qualified and skilled engineers and technicians from all around the globe.

The company provides a range of military aviation services, including:

  • Navigation aids
  • Helipad lighting systems
  • Bird control systems
  • Air traffic control system
  • Airfield lighting systems
  • Consultancy for design, installation, supervision, testing and commissioning of airfield systems

Turnkey military aviation systems design and supply

The company provides a wide range of military aviation system design and supply services to achieve its aim of being a turnkey supplier. These services include the following.

Military aviation navigation aids 

Asif Lighting Equipment undertakes site survey, installation, testing and commissioning of navigation aids for military aviation, like instrument landing systems, DVOR, TACAN and the NDB.

Helipad lighting systems

The company designs, supplies, installs and commissions helipad lighting systems from ADB Brussels, and can also test these systems.

Military airfield bird-hazard control systems

We provide innovative solutions for preventing bird hazards at military airfields, ranging from high-frequency loud hailers to mechanical devices and shotgun sounds.

Military airfield, helipad and obstruction lighting spare parts

Asif Lighting Equipment can supply a wide range of airfield, helipad and obstruction lighting spare parts that are available from our stock. Items not in our stock can be delivered within four to six weeks of the receipt of a confirmation order.

Airfield lighting installation projects

Asif Lighting Equipment is part of the Asif Lighting group of companies. The group started in 1990 by undertaking airfield lighting installation projects, and in 1991 undertook the installation of lighting at Seeb International Airport at Muscat, Oman. Many projects have followed.

Turnkey airport design and build services

Over the years the company has slowly expanded its activities to consultation activity for design and building of airports, installation of navigation aids like ILS, TACAN, DVORS and air traffic control towers in addition to airfield lighting and obstruction lighting.

The Asif Lighting group of companies provides turnkey solutions for the design and building of airports to international standards, so as to receive sustained repeat business. Presently the company can boast of having undertaken projects in countries including India, Oman, the UAE, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville), Qatar, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Asif Lighting Equipment Trading

PO Box 7637




United Arab Emirates