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Radio Frequency Cable Assemblies for the Defence Industry

Koehlke Components is a manufacturer of a wide variety of cable assemblies. The three main categories are standard electrical copper, fibre-optic and radio-frequency (RF) cable assemblies. Our RF cable assemblies can be manufactured up to 18GHz.


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Koehlke Components is a manufacturer of a wide variety of cable assemblies. The three main categories are standard electrical copper, fibre-optic and radio-frequency (RF) cable assemblies. Our RF cable assemblies can be manufactured up to 18GHz.

Koehlke has experience in building one-to-one UL-approved wire harnesses up to complex hybrid assemblies using single-mode and multimode fibre, as well as copper wire strands. Our fibre assemblies range from discreet single-mode and multimode assemblies to our largest assembly built to-date of 72 lines of single-mode and 72 lines of multimode under the same 1,000ft-long cable jacket.

Push and pull connectors for defence markets

Koehlke’s push/pull connectors have gained great success in the defence market and are rated in certain cases as high as IP68.

The push/pull connectors are a form fit function equivalent to the Lemo brand connectors. With a standard lead time of four to six weeks and competitive pricing, they have been an asset to our customers. Our RF connector sets feature any size, plating style, cable or board termination style that any engineer may require.

Koehlke has manufactured coiled cable assembly for defence customers.
Our fibre-optic cable assembly is designed for defence markets.
The image shows Koehlke's KCII-1800 hybrid cable assembly (six copper, six fibre with custom stainless-steel backshell).
Our push/pull connectors are rated up to IP68 standard.
Koehlke's high-power cable assembly is suitable for a range of defence applications.
We produce high-pressure overmoulds for the defence industry.
Koehlke's cable assembly features a custom black chrome-plated backshell.
The image shows our cable assembly with an ARINC connector.

Koehlke’s newest line of connectors is the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) version of three military style circular connectors, the D38999, 5015 and 26482 specifications. These are designed and built in accordance with military specifications.

Distribution and manufacture of electrical components

Koehlke Components pairs its manufacturing capabilities with its distribution ability.

We are a franchised distributor for a variety of electrical components ranging from fans to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to power supplies, military-specified connectors and more. Koehlke has a large stocking warehouse for our popular items for our line card principles and any long lead time items for components that our customers do not want to wait. We are flexible with our client stocking packages. If a customer requests a long lead time item, they can simply place an EAU blanket order and we will put that quantity on our shelf, wait throughout the year for releases by them and renew the order when needed.

With Koehlke’s diverse line card, our customers are able to replace multiple vendors with us and continue to receive the same quality product.

Koehlke’s distribution and manufacturing capabilities enable us to assist our customers with their programmes. We are able to minimise manufacturing time by taking a component item from our line card such as a fan or battery and supplying the next level assembly. This is achieved by attaching the opposite end with another connector or second component, before safely packaging the assembly for fast and easy deployment.

About Koehlke Components

Koehlke has spent 42 years in business serving mainly in the defence market. In that experience, we have gained the skill of overmoulding cable assemblies. We have an in-house machine shop so that all processes are kept under one roof.

We can perform low-pressure, rugged overmoulds for intense conditions in the defence and geophysical markets. We also produce high-pressure overmoulds for more cosmetically orientated markets such as the medical industry.

Koehlke aims to be as customer-friendly and flexible as possible. We will build a customer’s one-piece test cable or we can produce their large production run. Additionally, we have invested in automated tooling and work-cell production flow in order to meet a customer’s delivery date.

Koehlke has a number of examples of reverse engineering a competitor’s connector before creating our own data package and supplying a form, fit and function equivalent to optimise return on investment. Whether it is a simple change or a complete new design, our engineers can support our customers through the process until their projects are successfully completed.

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