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Koehlke Connectors

Koehlke Components is currently executing a first time assembly build for a new customer. The customer first approached Koehlke to bid on the cable assembly.

After reviewing the customer’s drawing, our team noticed that the connectors currently used on the cable assembly could be crossed to Koehlke connectors. On one side of the cable assembly, there was a push/pull style connector and on the other was a standard military circular connector. Koehlke crossed both items to our own push/pull and COTS version of military circular connectors.

The customer was pleased with our cost and after providing samples of our connectors, Koehlke was given approval to build the assembly with Koehlke connectors on both sides of the assembly. Koehlke is currently in production for this assembly and will begin shipping this month. As a result of this change to the customer’s drawing, Koehlke was able to save the customer cost on the entire assembly, along with costs internally by the purchasing team only having to create a single PO for the project rather than going to what used to be three different supplies to acquire the same product.

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