The award will involve redesign, modification, integration, and installation of an avionics update package on the C27J fixed-wing aircraft fleet.

The project’s scope will cover upgrading the C27J fixed-wing aircraft. The C27J provides a wide range of mission solutions that can adapt to the new challenges it faces, allowing the aircraft to operate in different operational environments, such as providing military transport, cargo, and paratroopers airdrop last tactical mile troop support.

This contract action supports a requirement to replace the ageing avionics package on the C27J with components dating back more than 15 years and to maximise commonality across the C27J fixed-wing aircraft operating enterprise.

As part of this contract, Leonardo will be responsible for supplying its older C27J aircraft avionics systems with the 1.2+ avionic update package to be integrated with its next-generation aircraft. Most of the engineering work will take place in Naples, Italy.

An example of next generation avionics includes two digital autopilot-flight director systems with auto-throttle capabilities and radar for tactical transport missions. These features are designed to provide pilots with a minimized workload while increasing situational awareness.

The US accounted for 25.4% of the Leonardo’s revenue in FY2021, with the
company posting new order growth of 26.8% in the first nine months of 2022.

In February, the company signed an agreement with Israeli organisations for innovations and high-tech solutions in defence, cybersecurity, aeronautics, intelligence, and space, areas of strategic interest for Leonardo’s business.