Leonardo has commenced the final tests of the C-27J Next Generation aircraft, which is fitted with new equipment, an avionics system, and advanced aerodynamic devices.

The new features of the aircraft are expected to boost the current high performance of the aircraft.

The first aircraft with the new configuration is set to be delivered next year to an undisclosed customer.

The C-27J provides a wide range of mission solutions that can adapt to the new challenges it is faced with.

Leonardo Aircraft division MD Marco Zoff said: “The enhanced C-27J brings the unrivalled quality and capabilities of the Spartan to the next, higher level. Its operators will benefit from modern avionics, increased performance and efficiency.

“The Spartan embodies the essence of national security, proving to be the best asset for armed forces’ defence operations and for their fundamental contribution to population support and disaster relief.

“Our customers have discovered in this aircraft an element of social inclusion because it is the only aircraft capable to reach people in the most remote rural areas of their nations.”

C-27J Next Generation is equipped with all-inclusive avionics and aerodynamic developments, as well as new winglets that provide increased operational efficiency and performance.

The Spartan is capable of operating in different operational environments, including the Andes and Afghanistan providing military transport, cargo and paratroopers air drop and last tactical mile troop support.

Last month, the Italian Air Force officially took the delivery of the final Eurofighter Typhoon during a ceremony held at Leonardo’s plant in Caselle (Turin) in north-western Italy.