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Swedish Air Force pilot dispute: A complication on the eve of joining Nato

Empowered by its fleet of nearly 100 Gripen JAS 39 jets, the Swedish Air Force could be adjudged as one of the more capable in Europe.

Air domain driving Pakistan defence modernisation

Military modernisation coupled with a desire to develop effective deterrence is set to drive Pakistan’s defence budget, particularly in the air domain.

FIA 2022 day 3 news rundown

A roundup of the latest news from FIA 2022, including updates on Boom Supersonic and the TF-X rollout.

FIA 2022 day 2 news rundown

A roundup of the latest news from FIA 2022, including the F-35 handshake, hydrogen-propulsion development, and UK hypersonic weapons.

SmartBase: How smart collaboration can provide agile systems for situation awareness

Ocean was invited to tour a military explosive ordinance maintenance organisation in 2019 to investigate whether a modern digital solution would be a useful tool in the planning, optimisation and decision support reporting.

Lend-Lease Act 2022 – can the industry keep up?

The legislation will speed up the rate at which the US can transfer military goods to Ukraine by deferring required payment for the equipment.

Phoenix Ghost drone will have similarities with AeroVironment’s switchblade

There has been speculation that the Phoenix Ghost may contain suppression of air defense capability, which would provide the Ukrainian Air Force with the further capability in protecting its airspace.

Victory Day Z: Assessing Russia’s strategic outlook

The visibly dismal performance of Russian forces in Ukraine has significantly undermined the credibility of Russia’s military capabilities.

Analysing the limitations of Russian EW capabilities in Ukraine

Despite Russia’s plethora of systems and capabilities, their deployment or at the very least perceived impact in Ukraine has remained relatively muted throughout the first months of the conflict.