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UK Defence after the IR23: reviewed but not refreshed

The much-awaited review document has set out notable changes to the UK’s approach to its relationships with international partners, and adversaries.

The Australia-Canada-UK F-35 data centre gets an extra boost

Australia, Canada and the UK are set to boost their F-35’s ISR capabilities as the new age of information-intensive warfare becomes increasingly acute.

USN awards Raytheon $34m Joint Standoff Weapon Program system contract

Raytheon has received a contract from the United States Navy (USN) to support the integration of its Joint Standoff Weapon Program system.

MASS supplies training support to JFAQ HQ for integrated multinational missions

MASS has helped support the exercise Titanium Falcon 22 to the UK Joint Force Air Component (JFAQ) Headquarters at RAF High Wycombe.

UK MoD contracts Babcock for Skynet military communications system

Babcock has received a £400m ($483m) contract from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for the management and operation of Skynet for the MoD’s military satellite communications system.

USAF awards contract to Collins Aerospace for C-130 aircraft propeller supply

Collins Aerospace has received a contract to support the manufacturing and engineering
support for the US Air Force’s (USAF) C-130 military transport aircraft fleet.

Sweden’s Saab reports a 16% growth in net sales in Q4 2022

The aerospace and defence company recorded sales of $4.03bn (Skr42bn) in 2022, with a backlog of more than $12.27bn (Skr127.67bn).

Leonardo awarded a contract for USSOCOM C27J avionics upgrade

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has awarded a $91.8m contract to Italian multinational company Leonardo to upgrade and modernize the avionics on its C27J fixed-wing aircraft.

Egypt efforts to modernise aircraft inventory to drive defence expenditure

The provision of US military funding assistance is aiding Egypt’s military modernisation transition, with spending expected to increase.