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From sci-fi to reality: The rise of killer robots in warfare

Various military organisations are continuing to push for MUM-T across land and air domains on the battlefield.

The future of space militarisation?

It may be time to appraise potential military uses of space beyond the common ‘satellite / anti-satellite’ paradigm.

The global development of sixth-generation fighters

The US appears to be the furthest ahead this stage when compared to its global rivals.

Hypersonic missile integration with aircraft

The US is currently trying to reach the same levels of hypersonic proficiency as Russia and China.

AR and VR’s role in aviation

Studies show that VR can be more effective than traditional methods by up to 400%, especially for spatial and situational awareness, workload management, among others.

B-21 Raider, the 21st century’s first bomber

The Raider was unveiled to the public in December last year and has its first flight scheduled to take place this year.

AI pilots, the future of aerial warfare

AI often thinks completely differently and more quickly than humans, providing a massive advantage in aerial dogfights.

Can Boom Technology relaunch the supersonic airliner industry?

Boom Technology says that they have identified more than 600 routes on which the supersonic airliner could be profitable.

US Pentagon wages campaign to improve energy resilience

The US explores energy resilience as the Defense Department wants to stay ahead of global military innovation.

Lockheed Martin and Airbus select GE Aerospace for LMXT tanker engine

GE Aerospace’s CF6 engine has been selected for the next-generation LMXT strategic tanker aircraft.