The Al Tariq family of precision-guided munitions (PGMs) are manufactured by Al Tariq, an EDGE Group entity. Credit: EDGE PJSC Group.
The Al Tariq standard-range and long-range PGMs can be integrated on fighter aircraft. Credit: EDGE PJSC Group.
The UAE Armed Forces placed an order for the Al Tariq-LR PGMs to enhance its air strike capabilities in February 2023. Credit: EDGE PJSC Group.
The Al Tariq munition system has been upgraded to Block II specifications. Credit: EDGE PJSC Group.

Al Tariq-LR is a long-range (LR) precision-guided munition (PGM) manufactured by Al Tariq, part of the Weapons and Missiles business of EDGE Group, a state-owned defence conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Al Tariq-LR is part of the Al Tariq family of precision munition kits designed to convert unguided aerial munitions into high-precision, smart, longer-range, focused munitions using guidance and propulsion technologies. The Al Tariq family of precision munition kits also includes the standard range precision-guided munition.

The LR weapon system provides long-range standoff capabilities to armed forces, while providing precise strikes against high-priority-fixed, off-axis, moving and re-locatable targets.

Al Tariq displayed the LR PGM at the inaugural World Defense Show, which was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in February 2022.

The munition system was also displayed at DEFEXPO 2022, a land, naval and homeland security systems exhibition held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, in March 2022, as well as the Bahrain International Airshow, which took place at the Sakhir Airbase, Bahrain, in November of the same year.

Orders and agreements

HALCON, a subsidiary of EDGE Group, received a contract worth AED1bn ($272.22m) from the UAE Armed Forces to supply Al Tariq-LR PGMs in February 2023.

The munitions will enhance the air strike capabilities of the UAE Armed Forces. The missile systems will be supplied with recent Block II upgrades, which included a host of the latest technology improvements.

Al Tariq signed an agreement with Bharat Dynamics (BDL), an Indian manufacturer of missiles and underwater weapons, during Aero India 2023, an aerospace exhibition held at the Yelahanka Air Base in Bengaluru, India, in February 2023.

The two companies will cooperate and explore opportunities to jointly produce the Al Tariq line of LR-PGM kits in India.

Al Tariq and Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at Aero India 2023. Al Tariq will partner with HAL to explore the integration of LR-PGMs onto HAL fixed-wing aircraft of Indian origin for enhanced mission flexibility and increased safety.

Development details

The Al Tariq range of guidance systems was initially produced by Tawazun Dynamics a joint venture (JV) between Tawazun, a UAE-based company, and Denel Dynamics, a South African armaments development and manufacturing company.

Tawazun Dynamics was integrated into Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC), an integrated national defence services and manufacturing platform formed in 2014. The subsidiaries of EDIC were consolidated into EDGE Group in 2019.

The Al Tariq weapon systems are based on Denel Dynamics’ Umbani precision-guided bomb kit.

The integration of the Al Tariq kit onto a 1,000lb HSLD 450/Mk 83 bomb was successfully achieved in November 2021.

Design and features

The Al Tariq-LR PGM, which weighs between 310kg and 366kg, is an advanced munition system with all-weather, day and night operational capability. It provides long-distance standoff capabilities with a range of more than 120km. The weapon system comes with a wing kit, which provides enhanced safety to the pilot, thanks to the increased stand of range.

The PGM can be integrated into various fighter aircraft. Its modular design and cockpit fuse programming flexibility provide high levels of operational flexibility.

The weapon can be wirelessly programmed from the aircraft’s cockpit. It can also be integrated using military standard (MIL-STD-1760) databus connections.

Al Tariq offers up to 180° off-axis launch capability to strike the targets. The speed and angle of impact can also be varied based on the mission needs. The weapon can be launched up to an altitude of 40,000ft at a maximum speed of Mach 0.9.

The Block 2 upgrade added a new PowerPack that provides a pre-flight power source to the PGM.


The guidance kits are designed for integration onto Mk 81 (250lb), Mk 82 (500lb), and Mk 83 (1,000lb) aerial bombs.

A newly developed high-performance 500lb penetration warhead was also integrated into the LR PGM. It will enable the weapon system to engage hardened targets such as underground bunkers, bridges, control centres, and fortified installations.

Proximity sensor

The Al Tariq-LR PGM is equipped with a sensor that provides the height of burst functionality to deliver an airburst effect. Adjusting the height at which the munitions can explode will provide accurate and precise strike capabilities against strategic infrastructure such as radar installations and convoys.

Navigation and guidance

The PGM was upgraded with advanced navigation systems, as part of the Block II enhancements. It is equipped with the latest global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver technology and advanced global positioning system (GPS) anti-jamming solution to provide mission success against multiple high-powered GPS jammers.

The weapon can be guided to the intended target using guidance technologies such as GNSS and optional imaging infrared (IIR) with complete automatic target recognition (ATR) capability, or a semi-active laser (SAL) seeker.

The Al Tariq-LR PGM is claimed to have an accuracy of less than 10m circular error probable (CEP), and less than 3m with the optional IIR or SAL.

The guided munition offers variable dive angle and attack direction. The guidance system provides a fire-and-forget capability to the munition.

The weapon can be launched in both Lock-On Before Launch (LOBL) and Lock-On After Launch (LOAL) modes. It can be retargeted even after the launch.