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Aerokler - Hose System

Hose systems

Trelleborg’s Aerokler™ and AeroklerF™ aircraft ground refuelling hoses for kerosene or petroleum fuel are lightweight, flexible and abrasion-resistant hoses.

Trelleborg’s Aerokler™ and AeroklerF™ hoses can be used for aircraft ground refuelling with kerosene or petroleum fuel, Trelleborg’s Aerokler™ and AeroklerF™ have an aromatic content of less than 50% and fuel is discharge under pressure.

Trelleborg’s Aerokler™ and AeroklerF™ are recognised by the major oil companies as a highly resistant non-fuel-contaminating tube.

Supplied upon request, the hose assemblies are ready fitted with tin plated brass couplings secured by drop forged aluminium clamps. Hose assemblies are individually tested and supplied with a test certificate. Trelleborg’s Aerokler™ and AeroklerF™ is lightweight, flexible and an abrasion-resistant hose.

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