Saab has announced development of the Lightweight Air-launched Decoy Missile as part of the Gripen E/F fighter jet’s electronic warfare capability.

The new decoy missile for Gripen is expected to boost the company’s offering to Finland HX fighter procurement project.

In February this year, Saab’s Gripen E and GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&C) took part in the Finnish HX Challenge.

The company submitted a revised offer to the revised Request for Quotation for the Finnish programme on 31 January.

Last year, Saab conducted first flight tests with its new Electronic Attack Jammer Pod.

According to the company, the pod and the decoy missile will protect the country’s pilots from enemy radars and missiles.

This missile will operate as a stand-in jammer for a majority of the demanding missions and as a force multiplier.

The decoy missile will be able to obstruct or create the wrong target for targeting, tracking, fire control and airborne radar.

Saab Business Area Aeronautics senior vice-president and head Jonas Hjelm said: “Our offering to Finland, combining Gripen E/F and GlobalEye as force multipliers, will protect Finland’s people and borders, by delivering both comprehensive situational awareness and a true deterrence effect.

“The decoy missile, that we present today, will constitute a strong addition to Gripen E/F’s built-in electronic attack capabilities. The payload of the new decoy missile is to a large extent developed in Finland and this will strengthen our offer to Finland even further.”

The company’s technical centre in Tampere, Finland, is expected to be expanded and will see hiring of more qualified employees.

Saab has initiated a technical partnership with Finland’s Aalto University where over ten research projects in the field of advanced sensors and artificial intelligence are being carried out.

In a separate development, Brazilian Air Force test pilot major aviator Cristiano de Oliveira Peres became the first Brazilian pilot to operate the first Brazilian Gripen E. He flew the aircraft for 49 minutes over the Baltic Sea.

In March this year, Saab started manufacturing the first two-seater fighter aircraft Gripen F for the Brazilian Air Force.