The Swedish Defence Material Administration has awarded Saab a contract for developing and testing rear maintenance services for JAS 39 Gripen C/D fighter aircraft, as well as studies on the coexistence of Gripen C/D and Gripen E in fleets. The contract is valued at Swedish Krona 308 million.

The order includes avionics computers and studies on effectively coexisting Gripen C/D and Gripen E in the fleets.

In addition to the initial order, Saab has also been awarded two additional services with a total value of approximately Swedish Krona 220 million, set to be delivered in 2023. The first service involves the integration of the target designator pod LDP15 (Laser Guided Pod) on JAS 39 Gripen C/D, along with related support systems and maintenance equipment.

Saab and Swedish Armed Forces signed a maintenance contract for the Gripen from 2023-2025, allowing the Swedish Armed Forces to place more orders for the jet.

The work on the contract has already started and is being carried out at Saab’s facilities in Linköping and Arboga. 

Saab has a long-standing history of developing advanced fighter aircraft and maintenance services. The fighter is also known for its high performance, reliability, and low operating costs.

The JAS 39 Gripen C/D is a light single-engine multi-role fighter aircraft designed to perform various combat roles, including air-to-air, air-to-ground, and reconnaissance missions. 

Saab and Sweden’s Defence ties are not limited to air-based defence procurement, as the two entities decided that Sweden’s defence will use Saab’s ground-based defence systems (GBAD) to continuously monitor air targets and airborne adversaries. 

Sweden’s Saab reported a 16% growth in net sales in Q4 2022.