The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has said that it scrambled a fighter aircraft on 13 February after the detection of a suspicious ‘air threat’.

A statement from the service read: “Some of you might have heard us flying this morning. Our fighter aircraft were scrambled in response to a potential air threat.

“Our airmen and women stand ready to defend our skies 24/7, so that we can celebrate the festivities and enjoy the holidays with our loved ones.

“A big thank you to our crew who are ever ready to defend our skies.”

The aircraft took off in minutes and subsequently stood down after investigating and ensuring that the country’s security was ‘not compromised’.

The RSAF noted that such responses and investigations are common to safeguard the country’s skies.

On an annual basis, the service conducts such routines for over 350 suspicious air threats.

The F-15SG is an advanced version of the US Air Force’s Boeing-built F-15E Strike Eagle. It is being operated by RSAF’s 149 Squadron since 2010.

The Boeing F-15E dual-role fighter is an advanced long-range interdiction fighter and tactical aircraft.

Over 1,500 F-15s are in service worldwide with the US Air National Guard and the airforces of Israel, Japan and Saudi Arabia, including over 220 F-15E fighters.