The UK Royal Air Force’s (RAF) three-week-long capstone tactical training exercise, Cobra Warrior 2022, has concluded at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire.

Developed and executed by RAF Waddington-based 92 Squadron, the joint drills were conducted from 3 to 23 September.

The exercise saw the participation of forces from Nato, as well as the US, Germany and Italy.

As part of this multilateral event, the three countries’ air forces, alongside their RAF counterparts, carried out a series of tactical training drills.

This allowed the participating forces to hone their techniques and skills while developing joint tactics.

92 Squadron commanding officer wing commander Abbott said: “This exercise has set a strong foundation on which we will build during 2023, where we will again look to ‘push the envelope’ with our training scenarios to set our participants an even more realistic, immersive and challenging environment as part of our collective training vision.”

The latest iteration marked the first time precision strike teams and the British Army’s airborne forces from 16 Brigade participated in this exercise.

The integration of land and air forces supported the ‘tactical air-land and rapid air-land missions for the RAF’s Atlas A400M military transport aircraft.

It also allowed land forces to analyse and fix the enemy targets first on the ground, followed by the air assets neutralising air defence capabilities, to successfully capture the target.

Furthermore, Cobra Warrior-22 also allowed the UK Joint Personnel Recovery Teams to perform search and rescue missions to retrieve stranded personnel for the first time.

It was performed by RAF Regiment’s 51 Squadron, Joint Helicopter Command’s rotary assets in collaboration with US Air Force’s (USAF) 56th Rescue Squadron.

The mission was undertaken in support of German Tornados, Italian and British Eurofighters Typhoons, and the USAF’s F-16 aircraft.