RAF Typhoons have successfully participated in the ten-day Anatolian Eagle exercise, a large multinational training event held in Turkey.

The exercise allowed pilots to enhance their capabilities, build international partnerships, and engage in realistic combat scenarios.

The RAF Typhoons operated alongside various aircraft, including Qatari Typhoons, Turkish, Emirati, Pakistani F-16s, Turkish F-4s, and Azerbaijani SU-25s. This diverse mix allowed the pilots to refine their skills with familiar aircraft while gaining insights into less familiar ones, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

The exercise was coordinated from the air by a team from NATO’s Airborne Early Warning and Control Force, using an E-3A aircraft, and the Turkish Air Force, operating an E-7T Peace Eagle Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft. Their efforts ensured seamless coordination throughout the exercise.

To extend their operational endurance, the RAF Typhoons benefited from air-to-air refuelling provided by an RAF Voyager aircraft, enabling them to remain engaged in the simulated combat scenarios for extended periods.

The participation of the RAF and Turkish Air Force in Anatolian Eagle further strengthened their already robust bilateral defence relationship as NATO members. The two air forces regularly collaborate, including knowledge sharing and capability development.

Anatolian Eagle, named after the Anatolian peninsula, took place at the Turkish Air Force’s dedicated training facility in Konya. The RAF deployed a small team to the air base, working closely with all exercise participants in the Anatolian Eagle facilities.

After each phase of the exercise, participating pilots gathered in a large auditorium for comprehensive reviews of their combat successes. This detailed assessment helped identify the outcomes achieved by each force, aircraft, and pilot, contributing to the overall improvement of operational capabilities.

During the exercise, the RAF Typhoons had the opportunity to fly alongside their Qatari counterparts, showcasing the effectiveness of the training provided by 12 Squadron, the joint UK-Qatar Typhoon Squadron.

The successful deployment of the Qatari Typhoons soon after establishing their capability demonstrated their professionalism and dedication.

As the RAF Typhoons return home, their participation in Anatolian Eagle marks another milestone in strengthening international partnerships, enhancing operational capabilities, and promoting peace through collaborative defence efforts.

RAF Typhoons have been involved in multiple worldwide exercises throughout the years.

Some examples include RAF Typhoons completing a tactical refuelling exercise in Norwayflying with the Egyptian Air Force in their first exercise in 20 years, and conducting PoC expeditionary combat air operations in the Middle East all in the same year.