The Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon fighter jets deployed to Lithuania have intercepted Russian aircraft off the Baltic coast.

A Russian Il-20 COOT A and two Russian Su-27 Flanker B aircraft operating over the Baltic Sea were intercepted by the RAF aircraft.

In support of Baltic Air Policing, this is the detachment’s second launch in one week.

UK 135 Expeditionary 6 Squadron Air Wing a Typhoon pilot said: “This mission was more complex, as there were more aircraft to manage of different types and flying at different speeds. We are always ready to react in support of the Nato mission.”

The Typhoon aircraft approached the Russian formation and identified it as an ISR aircraft escorted by two fighters.

This intercept is considered to be part of the routine Nato Air Policing mission that has been undertaken since 2004 to police the skies.

The RAF claimed that its contribution to Nato deployments demonstrates the UK’s wider commitment to the security of the region.

UK Air Vice Marshal the Air Officer Commanding 11 Group Ian Duguid said: “Today saw the second RAF intercept of Russian aircraft over the Baltic.

“This remains routine activity, however it must be stressed that the RAF as part of Nato are conducting these activities to ensure that all flights are conducted within internationally accepted aviation rules. When this does not happen Nato will intercept and investigate.”

Last week, the RAF’s 45 Squadron concluded the training of 15 pilots at No 3 Flying Training School (3FTS).

The pilots were presented with their wings in an event conducted at RAF College Cranwell.