The British Royal Air Force (RAF) Force Protection (FP) Force has signed the Combined Specialist Air FP Roadmap 2021 with the German Air Force (Luftwaffe).

The virtual signing of the agreement took place on 16 June.

According to RAF, the latest annual roadmap highlights the commitment of both countries to work closely together in providing ‘specialist Air FP’.

German Air Force commander Oberst Marc Vogt said: “I am extremely proud to continue in this strong partnership with the RAF FP Force and look forward to undertaking the activities that the roadmap outlines with group captain Jason Sutton.”

During the next 12 months, the UK and Germany aim to maintain a mutual understanding through regular high-level leadership engagement and continue to strengthen interoperability and the sharing of lessons and experiences.

The two countries also aim to ‘engender’ a broader culture of commonality within the combined Air FP community.

RAF said in a tweet: “The RAF and Luftwaffe have signed the Combined Specialist Air Force Protection Roadmap.

“It recognises the close relationship between the RAF FP Force and German Air Force Regiment (Objektschutzregiment), in providing specialist Air FP.”

The RAF FP Force protects the British Royal Air Force wherever it operates, home or abroad.

RAF stated that the RAF FP Force is provided by RAF Police to allow air operations.

Meanwhile, the RAF Regiment provides defence by fighting on the ground to enable control of the Air.

In October 2019, RAF base in Coningsby signed a ‘twinning’ agreement with the German Air Force’s fighter wing Luftwaffengeschwader 73 Taktisches (Tactical Air Force Squadron 73 “Steinhoff”).